Conny was born in Amsterdam as a daughter of an architect and a mother, who, even at an old age, was fond of working with clay. Conny spent her childhood in the province of Brabant, in the beautiful town of Breda. After this she moved to Scheveningen.
"The sea is never the same" is a theme that clearly shows in her pastels from this period.

In between she worked in Canada as a kinder garten teacher with handicapped children and in a children's hospital. Conny has always divided her interests between the visual arts and the care. To her, her attention has always been focussed on human beings: Man in all the aspects and qualities.
After her Secondary Education she was trained as a child care worker. After this a course in creative crafts as youth leader and activities teacher. It may be clear that she is very capable with her hands, she is clever and original in all sorts of manual skills, which is clearly expressed when she is working with children.
For painting and drawing she attended courses at the Royal Academy of Visual Arts in The Hague. Between all her various jobs she never stopped drawing, painting and teaching drawing to groups of housewives and children. She married, moved to Portugal, because her husband was employed as an engineer in a development project by the authorities and she became a mother.
In the difficult period that followed and building up a new life, with two little children, she worked for quite some time in the care of people. During her period in the home care, she came in contact with clients who felt rather lonely and deserted, neglecting themselves and a slight form of dementia and consequently needed care and attention. Through her involvement and interest in people, she attended a course, training her in Validation, a method to be able to communicate with OAPs growing demented.
She has always been curious what the spiritual level of these people is. With her experiment "Food for the spirit" in the nursery home Mariahoeve in The Hague, where she painted and moulded for people growing heavily demented, she discovered what the neurologist Olivier Sacks always maintained that arts do indeed sink in with these people and still release many emotional feelings.
Now that she has found her peace of mind and is able to devote all her time and energy to the arts, Conny, in the series "Living" shows her commitment with her fellow man, and her outlook on life. Click here to get an impression
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